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Starfone gives you great options for refilling your account, each with its own unique benefits and advantages. Please make your selection below:

Online Refill

With Starfone Online Refill option, you use your debit/credit card on our secure customer portal to manage your account balance without the least bit of hassle. Our online portal is safe, and all transactions are carried out in a secure environment. We accept all major cards.
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Auto Refill

Participating in Starfone Auto Refill comes with amazing benefits! The Auto Refill option is the most effective way to keep your account balance active. By using Auto Refill you can avoid interruption of service. Auto Refill will automatically charge your credit card on file when your account balance has fallen or is equal to the balance due. As a bonus, you get up to 10% in calling credit FREE whenever you use our Auto-Refill service: Receive $1.25 credit when you auto-refill $20 or more...
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