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Starfone is a value added provider of Long Distance (International), prepaid and postpaid calling servicees based on an online pinless calling card system. Our online pinless phone card system allows you to use our service as an online calling card, wherein you simply dial our toll-free number using any of your pre-registered numbers on your regular phone, provide a destination number to anywhere in the world, connect and start talking! No PIN, No extra fees or charges, No hassle - Simply talk and enjoy crystal clear call quality anywhere and anytime.


To be a leader in the Domestic and International Long Distance market, to offer easy access to high quality communication services at competitive rates and to gain customer loyalty by delivering overall customer satisfaction.

How Starfone Works

1. Register your Cellular, Home, Office or Fax Number.
2. Dial the Toll-free number provided by Starfone
3. Dial your Destination phone number.
4. Start Talking!

Our Advantage

With a reach of over 300 countries, easy calling system, great low international calling ratess and excellent call quality, it's no wonder that thousands of people around the world use Starfone to connect with family and friends. And with our low international rates, you make the cheapest international calls to anywhere in the world. Take a look at our calling rates from the US/Canada to the rest of the world. (Click Here)

Why Starfone?

* Easy, online, PIN-less calling system that's convenient and saves you money
* Cheapest International calling rates to 300+ destinations worlwide
* No hidden costs, No extra fees, No delays
* Prepaid and PostPaid Calling services designed with our customers in mind.
* Use your regular phones and provider
* Great benefits and promotions * Online payment and refills
* Online Account Management

Other Services we provide

Starfone also provides International Callback Prepaid, Premium SMS (Startext) and One-Touch International Speed-dialing (Stardial) services for our many valued customers around the world.
With Starfone, you have an easy, convenient and affordable solution to all your long distance calling needs.
For questions or comments about our services:
Send us and email at
Call our Customer Service Center on (877)STAR-412, that's (877)782-7412
Thank you for choosing Starfone